AdminJS Cloud Hosting is a new service which allows you to easily deploy and host your admin panels on AdminJS servers. While still under development, the service is already functional and allows you to host your applications.

The dashboard for managing your applications can be accessed at https://cloud.adminjs.co

Cloud Hosting dashboard is based on AdminJS itself.

To contact us for more details or request the service, please see the Pricing page.

AdminJS library still remains open-source and free!

Once you request the Cloud Hosting service and gain access to the dashboard, there are three steps you must take to proceed:

  1. Create an application. The application will be reviewed by our team, once it is approved you can proceed to step two.

  2. Generate your API Key & API Secret pair. You can treat the API Key as your application's "login" and the API Secret as it's "password". You can view your API Key anytime but if you lose your API Secret you must generate a new API Key/Secret pair.

  3. Deploy your application.

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