Deploying the application using CLI

AdminJS Cloud Hosting comes with a CLI tool which you can use locally or inside your CI/CD to deploy your application.


$ npm i -g @adminjs/cloud-cli


@adminjs/cloud-cli relies on configuration file to be present in your source code. The default file name is adminjs-cloud.json but you can provide a custom file path using --config option in a CLI command.


include string[] A list of files/directories you wish to deploy.


"include": [

Starting the application

Currently, AdminJS Cloud Hosting requires start script to be present in your package.json file. This is the command you use to start your application:
"scripts": {
"start": "node app.js"
In the future, we plan to extend application's configuration so that you can provide a custom start command.


As of version 1.1.0 the CLI only allows you to deploy your application.
To use @adminjs/cloud-cli you must first request an application in Pricing page and generate an API Key & API Secret.


The deploy command allows you to deploy your source code. The CLI assumes your code is already built and whatever files you choose to include in your configuration file are enough to start your application.


apiKey string required Your API Key
apiSecret string required Your API Secret
config string optional Path to your configuration file (relative to PWD)


$ adminjs-cloud deploy --apiKey=<string> --apiSecret=<string> --config=[string]