Using AdminJS features
This article is outdated and it may contain information that is no longer up-to-date. It will be re-written soon!
in v3 of AdminJS, we introduced AdminJS features.
From business perspective Feature is a chunk of code which solves one business problem and it can be applied to selected resource/resources.
From the technical perspective Feature is a function returning ResourceOptions.
We wrote them because we want the sharing functionalities among projects to be super easy.
The feature can be:
  • file upload
  • blog
  • password hashing
  • user profile ...etc

Using features

Features are passed to configuration along with the resources and their options.
Let me show you an example:
const User = require('./models/user')
const argon2 = require('argon2')
const hashPassword = require('@adminjs/passwords')
const adminJsOptions = {
resources: [
resource: User,
options: {
//...your regular options go here'
properties: { encryptedPassword: { isVisible: false } },
features: [hashPassword({
properties: {
encryptedPassword: 'myDbField',
password: 'password'
hash: argon2.hash,

Writing your own features

As I mentioned the feature is a simple function which returns ResourceOptions. Simple as that.
But since features can be chained they also take ResourceOptions generated by the previous features as a parameter.
Simple feature implementation (idea):
const feature = (prevResourceOptions) {
return {
actions: {
edit: {
...(prevResourceOptions.actions && prevResourceOptions.actions.edit),
export { feature }
As you can see, in the example above, that you have to take care of merging previous options, which could be problematic.
Fortunately AdminJS gives you the helper functions for that:
This is how a feature could look when we use buildFeature function:
const { buildFeature } = require('adminjs')
const feature = buildFeature({
actions: {
before: myBeforeHook

Available features

Supported by AdminJS team

Community plugins

We've just added features to [email protected] On this page, we will write all the things which we, or the community, will create.
So let's create the first feature!!!
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Using features
Writing your own features
Available features