# buildHandler(adminOptions, options) → {BuildHandlerReturn}

Builds the handler which can be passed to firebase functions


const functions = require('firebase-functions')
const { buildHandler } = require('@adminjs/firebase-functions')

const adminOptions = {...}
const region = '...' = functions.https.onRequest(buildHandler(adminOptions, { region }));

Name Type Description
adminOptions AdminJSOptions

options which are used to initialize AdminJS instance

options BuildHandlerOptions

custom options for @adminjs/firebase-functions adapter

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function which can be passed to firebase


Type Definitions


# BuildHandlerOptions

Name Type Attributes Description
region string

Region where function is deployed

before function <optional>

Optional before async hook which can be used to initialize database., if it returns something it will be used as AdminJSOptions.

auth object <optional>

custom authentication option. If given AdminJS will render login page

secret string

secret which is used to encrypt the session cookie

authenticate function

authenticate function

maxAge number <optional>

For how long cookie session will be stored., Default to 900000 (15 minutes)., In milliseconds.

customFunctionPath string <optional>

Adjustment path when you proxy the domain. Use case: you proxy to admin, firebase function with admin having rootUrl=='/' then you have to tell admin that all paths, he receives are /app namespaced so he can properly resolve them. In such case, customFunctionPath should be set to app because proxy path - rootUrl === 'app'.

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