<RecordsTable />

Renders an entire records table. To fill the data you might need:

so make sure to see at the documentation pages for both of them

Type Definitions


# RecordsTableProps

Name Type Attributes Description
resource ResourceJSON

Resource which type records are rendered. Base on that we define which columns should be seen.

records Array.<RecordJSON>

Array of records seen in the table

actionPerformed function <optional>

Handler function invoked when someone performs action without component on a given record., Action without component is a delete action - you might want to refresh the list after that

sortBy string <optional>

default sort by column

direction 'asc' | 'desc' <optional>

sort direction

isLoading boolean <optional>

indicates if the table should be in loading state

selectedRecords Array.<RecordJSON> <optional>

list of selected records

onSelect function <optional>

handler function triggered when record is selected

onSelectAll function <optional>

handler function triggered when all items are selected

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